Cloud Compiling’s solution is now generally available as a complimentary, fully functioning proof of concept (POC) trial package. The POC package is fully preconfigured, installs in minutes and there is zero cost for users until they suspend their existing IBM Compiler licenses and start using Cloud Compiling’s.


Cloud Compiling, the provider of seamless cloud computing solutions for IBM® z/OS®, today announced it has released a fully functional version of its cloud compiler product. The Cloud Compiling POC package contains an executable file that is emailed or downloaded and quickly installed by the prospective customer who wants to take the software for a test drive. With an install time at about an hour, the compiler is running in the customer environment while their compiles take place in Cloud Compiling’s Secure Cloud, in a seamless fashion, with the same functions available to customers running the compiler in their existing production environment. Programmers can evaluate the software in testing or production environments as much as needed at no charge, in order to fully evaluate the solution.

“With this fully functional, preconfigured proof of concept version of Cloud Compiling, we are validating many years of the product’s use in the field at datacenters in some of America’s most well-known brands,” said Cloud Compiling’s Founder and CEO Budd J Rutter II. “This product is not a pipe dream nor is it a highly customized installation; the fully streamlined and preconfigured POC provides a simple unpack, upload-and-use work environment. We are delivering the ability to save MSUs and budgeted dollars at customer sites today while providing them the fastest route to the cloud.”

The Cloud Compiling solution uses an IBM compiler license hosted in Cloud Compiling’s mainframe environment. The savings delivered by Cloud Compiling lie in the ability of the customer to remove IBM compiler licenses either completely or to consolidate to a single IBM compiler license. With the POC package, the end user is free to test the fully functional trial package without incurring any charge for using the software; the user only incurs software fees after they suspend their current IBM Compiler licenses and enter into a month-to-month agreement with Cloud Compiling. The POC deployment can be done in a fully hosted cloud or hybrid installation and users will have an identical programming experience to what they currently have with their on-premise IBM Complier.

Prospective POC users will register for the software on and then receive a lightweight zip file (emailed or downloadable) that can easily be expanded and uploaded into their mainframe. The install pack is preconfigured for the user and the user can then submit compiles in their testing environments at no cost.

“Our preconfigured POC is free to register for, and very quick to install,” adds Rutter. “We don’t send you an invoice until you suspend your current IBM Compiling licenses whereby you’ll begin saving both MSUs and license fees using our product.”

This latest POC compiler from Cloud Compiling is for IBM Enterprise COBOL languages Version 4 and Version 6, but the solution is also capable of compiling in the cloud with PL/I, Fortran and C++ languages. Cloud Compiling may be announcing POC versions of those compilers in future releases.

For more information about Cloud Compiling’s COBOL POC version, please visit, or contact our support team at

You may also learn more about the solution in a webinar Cloud Compiling sponsored with IBM Systems magazine, titled “If It Ain’t Broke, Why Recompile COBOL?” Visit to view the webinar on demand.

About Cloud Compiling

Cloud Compiling extends the benefits of cloud computing to the IBM z/OS platform. With its patent-pending technologies, Cloud Compiling is the only true cloud compiling solution developed for IBM System Z, bringing cost-effective compiling alternatives to the mainframe environment. Cloud Compiling’s innovative compiling technologies support COBOL, PL/1, FORTRAN and C/C++ programming languages. The company offers solutions for in-house private cloud installation and turnkey public cloud deployment, resulting in reduced expenses and increased operational efficiencies for its customers.