For the last twelve months, the coronavirus has turned our business world upside down in ways that no one could have predicted. At the same time, one thing remains woefully dependable: Monthly License Charges (MLCs) that are billed based on each Logical Partition (LPAR) of your machine due to the process-based licensing method. In 2021, redundant license charges are getting in the way of optimized IT costs. MLCs could even surpass costs for hardware and personnel, and potentially emerge as the biggest line item in your mainframe’s budget. One of the best ways to take back control and rein in MLCs is by utilizing Cloud Compiling’s revolutionary approach to license management.

Taking advantage of our Cloud Compiling method, it’s as easy as any other software as a service method you currently use. You simply install virtualized z/OS language compliers in our secure cloud environment. Your source code will use the exact same process as your existing compiler (you just aren’t paying for redundancy), at which point the object code and listing is sent back to your datasets.

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By using a virtual compiler, you can reduce your CPU time by up to 70%, but you can also reduce your monthly compiler fees by more than 50%. Instead of paying MLCs for each LPAR on your machine, you’re only paying for one software license on the virtual compiler. These savings could amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars per year, and — because we charge based on your savings — the switch to Cloud Compiling offers an immediate ROI. You incur no upfront costs!

Global 100 datacenters have relied on Cloud Compiling for more than two decades because we offer a seamless solution to reduce redundant IBM licensing fees with no upfront investment, no migration, and no risk. And, we can scale up or down to provide what amounts to unlimited virtual capacity in our datacenters. To learn more about our product, visit us at or reach out to our Sales department today.