MINNEAPOLIS, MN (PRWeb) – August 17, 2021 – Cloud Compiling and Software Diversified Services announced today a partnership for SDS to distribute Cloud Compiling™ software, an installed or SaaS option for z/OS customers.

The need has never been greater for mainframe enterprises to cut expenses while leveraging existing equipment and best utilizing workforce expertise. Cloud Compiling offloads compiling jobs to a private or external cloud, eliminating redundant licensing fees, reducing compiling costs by 50% or more, and slashing CPU time by 70% over the existing compiler.

“We’re very excited to enter this reseller agreement with SDS, an enterprise IT solutions leader for IBM z/OS as well as distributed platforms,” said Budd J Rutter II, founder and CEO of Cloud Compiling. “SDS extends our reach to provide seamless cloud-based solutions to their z/OS customer base, both domestic and international.”

With Cloud Compiling’s patented technology, customers retain control over automated tasks without additional administration. With no IPL, migration, or changes to source code, jobs are sent to a virtual compiler to be processed and returned. The software eliminates multiple installs and the need for repeated testing.

Initial installation involves no up-front investment and is as easy as downloading a zip file. Local deployment can use a less-critical LPAR, freeing resources and further reducing costs. For large companies, cloud destination data centers can scale as quickly as needed. Security is enforced with RACF and enhanced technologies such as SSL/TLS, VPN, and PassTickets.

“We’re pleased to partner with Cloud Compiling to offer this compelling solution to our mainframe customers,” said Josh Lampi, CEO of Software Diversified Services. “Offloading compiling to the cloud reduces fees and increases productivity while maintaining system security. Cloud Compiling presents an exciting new approach for SDS to fulfill those customer requirements.”

To realize these benefits for your company, contact Software Diversified Services at sales@sdsusa.com.

Full product information is available at www.sdsusa.com/cloud-compiling.

About Cloud Compiling

Cloud Compiling is the only true cloud compiling solution developed for IBM System Z, bringing cost-effective compiling alternatives to the mainframe environment. Based in Stillwater, Minnesota, the company offers solutions for in-house private cloud installation and turnkey public cloud deployment, resulting in decreased expenses and greater operational efficiencies for its customers. Cloud Compiling’s innovative compiling technologies support COBOL, PL/1, FORTRAN and C/C++ programming languages.