Webinar On-demand: ‘If it ain’t broke, why recompile COBOL?’

Turning R4HA Impact from COBOL 6 Into a Competitive Advantage

For over half a century, COBOL and the IBM mainframe have powered the world economy. Today, both COBOL 6 and IBM Z are leading-edge IT assets and organizations using them possess a massive business advantage – if they take hold of it.

But, ripping the bandages off previous COBOL versions can lead to a persistent spike in mainframe CPU on V6 through R4HA or related pricing options. So, why is it important to recompile working code that might be 50+ years old? And what strategies will avoid blowing the roof off current IT capacity budgets?

Get the background and learn how to maximize the value of COBOL 6.


Featured Speakers:

Charles Mills
Chief Development Officer
Cloud Compiling

Reg Harbeck
Chief Strategist
Mainframe Analytics, Ltd.

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