Get Your Proof Of Concept: Our lightweight cloud-based compiler is quick to install and will reduce your MSU usage.

Find out in a simple proof of concept. At customer sites, programmers don’t even know they are working in the cloud, their interface is unchanged.

V6 compiling can spike your R4HA but you can still control your budget by putting the resource in the cloud. When installed in your private cloud, Cloud Compiling delivers virtual compiling for z/OS languages with all the benefits of cloud computing:

  • No upfront investment
  • Minimum of 50% cost savings in monthly compiler fees – immediately
  • Greater systems control
  • Increased flexibility
  • Ability to scale quickly

Find out how seamless Cloud Compiling is in your environment in a simple proof of concept. Or, if you would like a detailed demo before proceeding, click here.


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We guarantee to reduce your Monthly IBM Compiler License Fees by 50% – With NO upfront investment.

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No other provider supplies a 100% seamless solution that reduces IBM license fees and requires NO migration.

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Cloud Compiling can be installed within hours and requires no IPL’s. Safe-Cloud provides completely automated 100% guaranteed availability.

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Cloud Compiling utilizes the highest level of mainframe security. Including PassTickets.