Fortune 100 Company Saves $400,000 Annually with Centralized Mainframe Licensing

Cloud Compiling™ reduces costs with no change to existing compilers. In 2003, a Fortune 100 conglomerate operating in more than 60 countries, with tens of thousands of employees and products, initiated a Six Sigma push throughout the organization. The North American data center looked at ways to improve its processes per the initiative.


Reduce Expensive Licensing Redundancies with Cloud Compiling.

Cloud Compiling is making the world’s most efficient computing platform even more cost-effective, ensuring the mainframe remains a mainstay for decades to come. With no upfront investment, Cloud Compiling’s patented technology restores your control over z/OS license deployment and eliminates redundant IBM compiling license fees.

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Compiling-as-a-Service Has Been Around for Nearly 20 Years. What It Is and Why You Should Care

Despite the predictions that mainframes would be ripped from enterprise systems and replaced with new technology around the turn of the millennium, Big Iron hasn’t gone anywhere. Mainframes remain integral, carrying the computing burden for 70% of the Global 500, and that isn’t about to change.


COBOL V6 Problems with CPU Consumption and Runaway Budget

After decades spent working quietly in the background, COBOL was recently and unceremoniously thrust into the limelight. As the novel coronavirus and resulting stay-at-home orders created a 1600% jump in unemployment claims in the state of New Jersey, systems couldn’t keep up with the load.

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Cloud Compiling’s methodology for moving workloads for COBOL compiling to the cloud might seem new but the company and the method have been around for almost 20 years now. In spite of its relative lack of notoriety, the solution has been installed at some of America’s most successful companies.


Cloud Compiling™, whether installed in your private cloud, externally hosted by us, or used in a Global IT Outsourcing environment, will deliver Money-Saving Virtual Compiling technology with all the benefits of cloud computing.