Cloud Compiling, whether installed in your private cloud, externally hosted by us, or used in a Global IT Outsourcing environment, will deliver Monthly Saving Virtual Compiling technology with all the benefits of cloud computing.

Minimum of 50% cost savings in monthly compilar fees - immediately!

No upfront investment


Greater Systems Control


Increased Flexibility

Ability to scale quickly

All versions of C++ – COBOL – PL/I – Fortran

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We guarantee to reduce your Monthly IBM Compiler License Fees by 50% – With NO upfront investment.

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No other provider supplies a 100% seamless solution that reduces IBM license fees and requires NO migration.

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Cloud Compiling can be installed within hours and requires no IPL’s. Safe-Cloud provides completely automated 100% guaranteed availability.

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Cloud Compiling utilizes the highest level of mainframe security. Including PassTickets.