Cloud Compiling is easy, secure and 100% guaranteed.

Safe-Cloud provides enhanced security with a 100 percent fail-over guarantee. If an organization has a network failure, all compiles submitted by their application programmers will run successfully, without any intervention or alerts. Through the use of the dynamic Cloud Compiling Control File, users can set the path of their original IBM compiler and if needed, Safe-Cloud will call that compiler as a fail-safe measure, seamlessly and without user intervention.


With Cloud Compiling, you may use RACF or another z/OS security subsystem, such as CA-ACF2 or CA-Top Secret.

Authorized Libraries

Authorized libraries are not required. However, for optimum performance of your compiles, authorized libraries can be used.

Life Cycle Management

Cloud Compiling works with all Life Cycle Management solutions, such as CA-Endevor, applications, and policies. There is no need to change your existing procedures.


Cloud Compiling supports VPN, SSL, TLS and any 3rd party encryption technology.