Cloud Compiling SaaS

Dramatically reduce the cost of migrating to COBOL V6 by moving the compiling resource to the cloud.

  • Uses existing IBM-licensed compilers
  • Eliminates persistent spikes in MSU/CPU associated with COBOL 6 recompiling
  • No upfront investment – “pay as you save” cloud license model
  • Guaranteed cost savings of at least 50% on monthly compiler fees
  • Install is as simple as reading an email


Cloud Compiling helps eliminate peaks in mainframe budgets that cause fluctuations in the Rolling 4-Hour Average (R4HA). Additionally, if you choose on-premise deployment, you have the option to select a less-critical LPAR to compile on, freeing resources allocated to more critical workloads.

OS Support: IBM z/OS (all versions)

Programming Languages:  All versions of COBOL, PL/I, Fortran and C++

How Cloud Compiling Works

how cloud compiling works

Cloud Compiling Secure Cloud

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