About Cloud Compling

Cloud Compiling, whether installed in your private cloud, externally hosted, or via Global IT Outsourcing, delivers virtual compiling with all of the benefits of cloud computing.

Private Cloud

By implementing Cloud Compiling in your private cloud, you continue to use your existing compilers, while removing redundant software licenses from your environment.

Cloud Compiling SaaS

Cloud Compiling externally hosted as a service helps customers who are struggling with IT budget constraints and a shortage of resources to support COBOL and other z/OS compilers.

With no upfront investment, customers who implement Cloud Compiling in their private cloud or licensed as a service:

  • Reduce monthly compiler fees by 50-75%
  • Minimize IT resource constraints
  • Achieve greater systems controls
  • Increase flexibility
  • Scale quickly with minimal notice

Global IT Outsourcing

Find out if Cloud Compiling is available through your Global IT Outsourcer. Please contact your outsourcer directly or email us at info@cloucompiling.com.

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